Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Faculty Members

List of Faculty Member by Departments
PN Campus places a high priority on creating an environment that enables faculty members and administrative staff to perform their best job. The campus appreciates the contributions of all its faculty members in making the campus a top public higher education institution.

The faculty members are passionate instructors who drive the mission of the campus. Driven by cross-disciplinary collaboration, they form a community on campus that produces ideas that enrich human life. They believe in free and open inquiry that has created a unique academic environment in the campus. They do their best innovative work as they also prepare the next generation of scholars.

The faculty members are categorized in the order of faculties, departments and positions of the faculty members.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

  1. Department of English
  2. Department of Nepali
  3. Department of Economics
  4. Department of Geography
  5. Department of History & Culture
  6. Department of Political Science
  7. Department of Sociology/ Anthropology & Rural Development
  8. Department of Population Studies

Faculty of Management

  1. Department of General Management
  2. Department of Sectoral Management
  3. Department of Account
  4. Department of Finance
  5. Department of Marketing
  6. Department of Research Management

Faculty of Education

  1. Department of English Education
  2. Department of Nepali Education
  3. Department of Education
  4. Department of Health & Physical and Population Education
  5. Department of Social Studies & Economics Education
  6. Department of Science & Environmental Education
  7. Department of Teaching Practice

Faculty of Law

  1. Department of Criminal & International Law
  2. Department of Civil & Constitutional Law

Institute of Science & Technology

  1. Department of Physics
  2. Department of Chemistry
  3. Department of Botany & Microbiology
  4. Department of Zoology
  5. Department of Statistics
  6. Department of Mathematics

No. of Teachers According to Institute/Faculty of PNC