Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff at PN Campus is dedicated to student support teaching learning, research and public service. This website is developed to assist administrative staff in their work and faculty members in their teaching and research. It helps both teaching and non-teaching staff best support the academic mission of the campus.

The administrative staff is a group of individuals who come from different academic and cultural backgrounds. Together, they work with the facilities of the campus and make all the work of the campus a possibility. The following are the list of administrative staff of the campus, which is ordered by position.

Staffs Record of PN Campus

The Administrative Staff Directory

1. Chiranjivee Prasad Thapaliya Deputy Finance Controller
2. Prem Lal Baral Deputy Administrator
3. Dhruba Gopal Parajuli Deputy Finance Controller
4. Sushila Gurung Section Officer
5. Bhakta Bahadur Lamichhane Section Officer
6. Kamala Khanal Section Officer
7. Chandra Raman Parajuli Section Officer
8. Gobinda Prasad Koirala Section Officer
9. Hom Bahadur Thapa Section Officer
10. Dharma Udas Section Officer
11. Purna Bahadur Gurung Section Officer
12. Shyam Sundar Tamrakar Lab Officer
13. Nagendra Prasad Acharya Lab Officer
14. Kishor Subedi Library Officer
15. Kedar Nath Adhikari Account Officer
16. Ram Bikram Rana Head Library Assistant
17. Krishna Bahadur Kshetri Head Library Assistant
18. Aash Kumari Gurung Head Technical Assistant
19. Bala Ram Pahari Most Senior Technical Assistant
20. Kamala Thapa Karki Head Office Assistant
21. Chandra Shah Head Office Assistant
22. Mahesh Kumar Paneru Head Office Assistant
23. Uma Baral Head Office Assistant
24. Suraj Shrestha Head Office Assistant
25. Shashi Kala Adhikari Head Office Assistant
26. Gyan Bahadur Gurung Head Office Assistant
27. Yuba Raj Banstola Head Office Assistant
28. Pramila Tajhya Head Office Assistant
29. Anupa Gurung Head Office Assistant
30. Chandra Bahadur Khadka Head Office Assistant
31. Ganesh Sharma Head Office Assistant
32. Ganga Khanal Head Account Assistant
33. Abhimanyu Bikram Rana Head Account Assistant
34. Nava Raj Banstola Head Account Assistant
35. Nirajan Bahadur Thapa Lab Assistant
36. Rajendra Subedi Editor
37. Prabha Tripathee Audio Recorder
38. Gobinda Baniya Head Technical Assistant
39. Tika Ram Subedi Head Technical Assistant
40. Dilli Ram Subedi Head Technical Assistant
41. Hari Prasad Pokharel Head Technical Assistant
42. Shree Krishna Acharya Head Technical Assistant
43. Tank Raj Adhikari Head Technical Assistant
44. Bikram Gurung Head Technical Assistant
45. Anup Karki Head Technical Assistant
46. Jum Prasad Gurung Game-In-Charge
47. Dhan Bahadur Gurung Office Assistant
48. Guna Devi Rana Office Assistant
49. Khushbu Kiran Shrestha Office Assistant
50. Geeta KC Office Assistant
51. Shalik Ram Poudel Office Assistant
52. Ramji Prasad Pandey Office Assistant
53. Lipta Bahadur Basnet Office Assistant
54. Prakash Thapa Office Assistant
55. Pushpa Raj Bhattarai Account Assistant
56. Shyam Bahadur Chhumi Tamang Plumber
57. Gupta Bahadur Basnet Senior Peon
58. Ram Chandra Poudel Senior Peon
59. Khim Lal Poudel Senior Peon
60. Tulasi Prasad Banstola Senior Conductor
61. Man Shuva Thapa Senior Conductor
62. Kalu Pode Senior Sweeper
63. Putali Podeni Senior Sweeper
64. Bhim Prasad Sharma Cook
65. Pabitra Raj Dhungana Driver
66. Shova Gurung Office Attendant
67. Gobinda Bahadur Thapa Office Attendant
68. Gir Bahadur Gurung Office Attendant
69. Shanti Devi Pathak Office Attendant
70. Tul Bahadur Gurung Office Attendant
71. Bishnu Bahadur Chhetri Office Attendant
72. Kamal Bahadur Magar Office Attendant
73. Shiva Bahadur Ranabhat Office Attendant
74. Ekka Bahadur Tamang Office Attendant
75. Yuba Raj Banstola Office Attendant
76. Shree Ram Acharya Office Attendant
77. Ganga Poudel Office Attendant
78. Ram Bahadur Magar Office Attendant
79. Bhola Nath Poudel Office Attendant
80. Dil Maya Jalahari Office Attendant
81. Krishna Bahadur Gurung Office Attendant
82. Ful Maya Chhetri Office Attendant
83. Hem Raj Bhandari Office Attendant
84. Dina Nath Bhandari Office Attendant
85. Lok Maya Acharya Office Attendant
86. Mohan Bahadur Khadka Office Attendant
87. Saha Dev Acharya Office Attendant
88. Dipak Bahadur Gharti Office Attendant
89. Sita Nepali Office Attendant
90. Sita Tamang Office Attendant
91. Krishna Lama Tamang Office Attendant
92. Maiya Devi Magar Office Attendant
93. Basanti Tamang Office Attendant
94. Om Lal Jalahari Office Attendant
95. Rajeshwori Jalahari Office Attendant
96. Sunita Gurung Office Attendant
97. Shushila Chaudhari Office Attendant
98. Kali Maya Jalahari Office Attendant
99. Man Kumari Saru Office Attendant
100. Ratna Maya Jalahari Office Attendant
101. Lal Prasad Banstola Office Attendant