Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Workshop on Dissertation Proposal Writing (M.B.S.)

This notice is to inform all the students of MBS 4th Semester regarding the compulsory participation in the workshop on Dissertation Proposal Writing to be organized from 20 to 23 Chaitra 2076. All the students should compulsorily participate in the workshop, finalize the title of dissertation, and prepare proposal during the workshop. As the workshop will be organized in the day time, jobholder students are advised to manage your time by taking leave from your job during the days of workshop. The last date to register your name is 23 Falgun 2076. Students are also advised to do preliminary literature review 'in the area of your interest to write dissertation' before you come to participate in the workshop; and bring one article of your interest, published in national or international journal. Bring the article in printed form, not in digital form; and bring the reviewed literature either in printed form or in digital form.

To register your name and to get other information like the venue of the workshop, registration fee etc. contact following students who are in the workshop organizing committee.

Workshop Organizing Committee

Ms. Krishna Thapa Coordinator 8946785377

Mr. Dipendra Pokhrel, Member 9847641977

Mr. Navaraj Koirala, Member 9869628002                                                                    ,

Mr. Prakash Sharma, Member 8947725838

Ms. Sabita Acharya, Member 9846213541

Ms. Samikshya Poudel, Member 9846857364

Mr. Shiva Prasad Neupane, Member 9847088599



Hari Prasad Pathak, PhD


Management Research Department

Faculty of Management


Published by: Dept of Research Mgmt
Published on 2020-03-02

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