Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Music Rocks the Department of English

TU-PNC, 28 Aug. 2017 – One of the music artists for children’s songs in Nepal Tirtha Tamang gave a guest presentation at the Department of English today on the chapter “Music Under Development: Children’s Songs, Artists and the (Panchayat) State” by Ingemar Grandin.

The chapter is included in the ninth paper of MA 2nd year’s English course as Nepal Studies, which is studied and taught under the Department of English, Prithvi Narayan Campus. The course is taught by Associate Professor Dr. Min Pun who had arranged Mr. Tamang’s presentation at the department.

During his presentation, Mr. Tamang said that songs for children in Nepal appear to be marginal as compared to songs for adult. “Children’s songs should be included in the school curricula and given space in music as a whole,” he further said.

Mr. Tamang is a renowned singer, composer and lyricist for children’s songs in Nepal. He has composed and given lyrics to dozens of children’s songs and produced a few music albums for children. He sang a couple of children’s songs during his presentation. He also played guitar while singing.

“Mr. Tamang is the right person to teach the course,” said Associate Professor Dr. Pun after the class when he was asked to comment on Mr. Tamang’s presentation. “This is how we can connect the classroom and the outside world,” Dr. Pun added.

Published by: Dept of English
Published on 2017-08-28

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