Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Dr. Bishnu Raj Upreti: Social science researchers embrace the idea of multiple realities in research

TU-PNC, 27 Nov. 2016 – The Department of Education organized a discussion program on “Current Issues in Social Science Research in Relation to Educational Research” on 27 Nov. 2016. The program was chaired by the Dept Head Khim Raj Subedi and attended by the Evening Master’s Program Coordinator Chola Kanta Ojha.

Dr. Bishnu Raj Upreti who is the Research Director at Nepal Center for Contemporary Research in Kathmandu was the main discussant at the program.

Speaking at the program, Dr. Upreti said that social science researchers embrace the idea of multiple realities in research. “And sociological perspective vies society as a product created by humans that can be changed by them as well,” he further said. He also thanked the department for inviting him for discussion.

At the same program, Coordinator Ojha spoke about the situation of research at the universities in Nepal, saying “the state of research activities at the universities in Nepal is very poor and there is lack of coordination among planning organizations that may lead to unsuccessful policy and research activities”.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, the Dept Head Khim Raj Subedi said that research and teaching should go hand-in-hand. He further said that for both faculty and students “conducting research is the foundation of higher education”. He suggested his faculty to take initiative in research works and take advantage of them.

The program was attended by the faculty of the department as audience.

Published by: Dept of Education
Published on 2016-12-18

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