Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Project Viva Held at the Dept of Botany & Microbiology

TU-PNC, 27 Oct. 2016 – The Department of Botany & Microbiology at the Institute of Science & Technology, PNC organized a project viva voce today for B.Sc. 4th year students as part of their project work requirement in Botany and Microbiology courses. Each course carries 100 marks.

The project work viva presentation was chaired by the Head of the Dept of Botany & Microbiology, Prithvi Narayan Campus. Present at the program was Assistant Campus Chief Nanda Lal Adhikari.

Prof. Dr. Radheshyam Kayastha who has retired from Prithvi Narayan Campus from the same Dept had been appointed as Expert to evaluate the project works. Prof. is best known as the father of botany in the western region of Nepal.

This is the first batch of the 4-Year B.Sc. students majoring in Botany and Microbiology who completed their project work. Regarding this, the Dept Head Dr. Thapa said, “Connecting academic situations to the real world is one of the most important benefits of project based learning. Students learn with the same approach they will sooner or later use in their future careers.”

There were 2 project works which were presented in the program: one was group work and another was the individual one. The reports were presented through multimedia projector. Their presentations were followed by questions from the audience and the evaluation committee members. Each group had been given 20 minutes’ time for presentations and for question hour.

Project Work Topics and Names of Students’ Group:

1)      “Detection of Coliforms and Status of Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Thermotolerant Coliforms for Different Public Tap Water in Pokhara Valley” by a group consisting of Anjani Gurung, Asmita Devkota, Kusum Shrestha and Deepika Bhandari (Microbiology Group)

2) “Study and Enumeration of Wall Flora of Pokhara Valley, Nepal” by Asmita Khadka (Botany Group)

Published by: Dept of Botany & Microbio
Published on 2016-10-27

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