Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Andy Swarzman Delivers a Lecturer for Master’s Students

TU-PNC, 31 July 2016 – Andy Swarzman delivers a lecture for master’s students at the Department of English.

His lecture was given on “Downpour,” a short story, by Madan K. Limbu, a Nepali author writing in English.

One should interpret the short story in terms of characters, plot, setting, and theme, he said. He expressed his happiness to come to the department and talk to the students.

Swarzman was invited to give a lecture as part of the class activities in the course in Nepal Studies, which is the ninth paper for the master’s course in English.

Swarzman is an English teacher from the US and is often invited to the department for guest lectures. 

Published by: Administration
Published on 2016-07-31

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