Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Prof. Christina Choma Felicitated at the Dept of Chemistry

TU-PNC, 11 May 2016: The Department of Chemistry at Prithvi Narayan Campus organized a farewell program in honor of Prof. Christina Choma. Her contribution in the Department of Chemistry is acknowledged amidst a program by offering gifts such as garlands, karuwa and shawl.

Prof. Choma assisted in practical and theoretical chemistry for B.Sc. 1st and 2nd year students for about one month on volunteer basis. She took classes on various topics in chemistry for these students.

Prof. Choma has worked as Professor of Chemistry in New York University for 20 years and currently working for a science communication company in Japan. She has got doctorate degree from the University of Ottawa, Canada and did her post-doctoral work at Dupout Chemical Company, USA.

Prof. Choma has donated some valuable books of chemistry for the students and teachers in the department. In the program, she shared her long experience in teaching, research and writing. She said, “Sincere work in theoretical and practical research in different disciplines of chemistry can uplift its scope and application.” “I am very much honored to work with the faculty and students at Prithvi Narayan Campus, which is located at the beautiful place in Nepal,” she added. She has also hoped to work with the campus again in future.

The program was chaired by the Head of the Department of Chemistry Huta Raj Sharma. Concluding the felicitation program organized for Prof. Choma, he said, “The Dept of Chemistry would like to acknowledge Prof. Choma’s contribution at the department that has helped integrate foreign experience of teaching in the campus”.

The program was hosted by Prof. Dr. Akkal Dev Mishra who also introduced Prof. Choma’s life and professional career as a professor.

Published by: Dept of Chemistry
Published on 2016-05-11

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