Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Himalayan Biodiversity Journal Published Recently

TU-PNC, 10 April 2016: The Department of Botany under the Institute of Science & Technology, Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara has recently published its volume 3 and issue 1 (2015) of "Himalayan Biodiversity: An International Journal of Life Sciences". The journal was published in collaboration with the Himalayan Environment and Biodiversity Society (HEBIDS), which is under the Department of Botany.

The Society under the Dept of Botany is a non-government, non-profitable organization of environmental scientists with an aim to provide the national and international forum for advanced research in all disciplines concerning ecology, environment and biodiversity.

The journal editorial board includes Prof. Dr. CB Thapa, who is also the Head of the Dept of Botany, as Chief Editor, Dr. MD Bhatt as Executive Editor and Dr. AG Singh, Dr. BR Paudel and KK Pokharel as Associate Editors.

Responding to our reporterís query regarding the purpose of the journal, the Head of the Dept of Botany and Chief Editor of the journal Prof. Dr. CB Thapa said, "The journal aims to organize and coordinate interdisciplinary activities for ecology, environment and biodiversity." "It thus maintains close relation with other national and international institutions of the world working with allied objectives," he further said.

The current issue of the journal consists of 15 research papers, including papers from scholars across the country and from Indian universities.

Published by: Dept of Botany & Microbio
Published on 2016-04-10

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