Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Annual Conference on “Science for Better Life – Transforming Our Future” Began Today

TU-PNC, 23 Dec. 2015: The Annual Conference on “Science for Better Life – Transforming Our Future” began at a function today. The conference was organized by Awareness Group of Technical Science (AGTS) and will run until tomorrow.

The conference was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Debendra Bahadur Lamichhane, Campus Chief of PN Campus, Pokhara. There were four sessions on the first day of the conference. Nine papers were presented today by students of science (Physical, General Biology, and Microbiology groups) who are studying at the Institute of Science & Technology, PN Campus.

Each session was chaired by Faculty members of the Institute who gave feedback to the students’ papers. Prof. Dr. Chandra Bahadur Thapa, Associate Professor Parashu Ram Poudel and Assistant Lecturer Lakpa Chhiring Gurung had served as Session Chairs.

There will be 6 more papers, which will be presented in tomorrow’s sessions. Prof. Dr. AD Mishra and Associate Professor Kul Prasad Dahal will serve as Chairs to run tomorrow’s sessions. The following is the list of presenters and their topics:

1)         Scientists and Gods – Who is greater?

Presenter: Nishan Pun (B.Sc. 2nd Year, Biology)

2)         The Rising Era of Transportation: An Overview of Different Modes of Transport

Presenter: Anil Chapagai and Subash Bhattarai (B.Sc. 4th Year, Physics)

3)         The Role of Microbiology in Medicine

Presenter: Anjani Gurung (B.Sc. 4th Year, Microbiology)

4)         Solar power – An alternative energy source

Presenter: Arun Chandra Bhattarai and Ishwor Adhikari (B.Sc. 4th Year, Physics)

5)         What is dark matter and dark energy?

Presenter: Dhruba B. Chhetri and Umesh Saru Thapa (B.Sc. 3rd Year, Physics)

6)         Plastics and pollution: A chemical perspective

Presenter: Kabita Gautam (B.Sc.2nd Year, Microbiology)

7)         Biometrics: Creating a safer worlds

Presenter: Sadikshya Acharya (B.Sc. 2nd Year, Biology)

8)         Application of biological sources

Presenter: Kanchan Pariyar and Aarati Gurung (B.Sc. 3rd Year, Biology)

9)         Black Holes: The question of survival

Presenter: Sushil Babu Ojha (B.Sc. 3rd Year, Physics)

10)     Improving the quality of environment – What can science do?

Presenter: Kamal Giri (B.Sc. 4th Year, Biology)

11)     Infection control – How to minimize the risk of infection during flu season

Presenter: Ganesh Adhikari (B.Sc. 4th Year, Microbiology)

12)     Nano-technology and Its Influence with Effect in Modern World

Presenter: Shishir Ojha (B.Sc. 2nd Year, Physics)

13)     Antibiotics resistance genes: A  threat

Presenter: Asmita Devkota (B.Sc. 4th Year, Microbiology)

14)     The chemistry of aging

Presenter: Gauri Sharma and Namrata Paneru (B.Sc. 3rd Year, Biology)

15)     Exploring new energy sources for the better world

Presenter: Milan Giri and Sudip Timilsina (B.Sc. 4th Year, Physics)

Published by: Institute of Sc. & Tech
Published on 2015-12-23

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