Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Department of Nepali Education

The Nepali teaching starts with Devi Raman Shastri in 2017 BS, but the Department of Nepali was established with 3 other faculty members and the first Chairman of the department was Bhola Nath Parajuli.

When the Faculty of Education was first introduced in PN Campus in 2029 BS, Ram Ashish Giri initiated the English Resource Centre, which was later merged with the Department of English headed by Bal Gopal Amatya.

With the initiation of the then Assistant Campus Chief Tara Dutta Bhatta, the Department of Language Teaching was established that included both Nepali Education and English Education. Jyoti Krishna was the first Chair of the department. After Mr. Shrestha was transferred to Kathmandu, Dr. Sarbaraj Acharya became the Head of the department. But on 20 Shrawan 2060, the department was separated into two departments: the Department of Nepali Education and the Department of English Education. The Department of Nepali Education was headed by Dr. Sarbaraj Acharya and the Department of English Education was headed by Amir Man Shrestha. Later in 2060 BS, Dr. Ram Nath Ojha became the Head of the Department of Nepali Education after Dr. Acharya. Now, the department is headed by Dr. Yadu Nandan Upadhyay.

The department has the following activities in the recent past:

  1. The department often conducts the micro-teaching practice for the students.
  2. There was a new course orientation on 8 Baisakh 2066 in the department.
  3. In 2066 BS, there was the highest turn out of the student enrolment that reached 200 in the M.Ed first year. In the same year, the department conducted a national level seminar/workshop on research methodology for the faculty members and students.
  4. In Chaitra 2066, the department published a research journal called "Prithvi Darpan," which is now regular. Apart from the research journal by the faculty members, the department has also encouraged the students to publish their journal named "Yatra" which was published by the M.Ed first and second year students.

Dr. Baburam Adhikari
Department of Nepali Education
Faculty of Education
Prithvi Narayan Campus (Tribhuvan University)
Bhimkali Patan, Bagar
Pokhara, Nepal

The Faculty Members Directory

S.No.NameTitleAdmin TitleCV
1. Dr. Babu Ram Adhikari Associate Professor Dept. Head
2. Dr. Yadunandan Upadhyay Professor
3. Dr. Ram Chandra Pokharel Professor
4. Dr. Narahari Upadhyaya Gautam Associate Professor
5. Bishnu Prasad Sharma Lecturer
6. Narayani Poudel Lecturer
7. Keshab Sharan Parajuli Lecturer
8. Him Maya Paudel Lecturer
9. Suraj Poudel Lecturer
10. Bimala Bhandari (Bastola) Lecturer
11. Dolraj Aryal Adjunct Faculty
12. Ishwor Kumar Sharma Ghimire Adjunct Faculty
13. Gyaneshwor Subedi Adjunct Faculty
14. Bandhu Raj Adhikari Adjunct Faculty
15. Jamuna Aryal Adjunct Faculty
16. Ganesh Sharma Adjunct Faculty