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George John Education Foundation

The George John Education Foundation, an academic, but non-profit service oriented organization, was formally established on 5 August 1996 (21 Shrawan 2053) by a group of enthusiastic intellectuals who were much influenced by George John, a living legend of education. The intellectuals who established this foundation were interested to encourage the people who are engaged in social service through educating the people as George John did throughout his life for Prithvi Narayan Campus, growing up it as a mother does for her kids. Working in close collaboration with the people who love to educate others, the foundation targets the community’s most pressing needs through academic, and service oriented programmes. Together the foundation is working towards a better future through education.

Since its inception, the foundation has played a significant role in the education sector that felicitates the individuals who have contributed in this area, provides scholarships to the poor and diligent students, and performs other activities related to education. The foundation also aims to provide research fellowships to the faculty members of the campus and involve in research projects in the future.

History and Development
The idea of establishing the George John Education Foundation was conceived when George John, the first Principal of Prithvi Narayan Intermediate College, was retiring from the campus on 8 September 1995 (23 Bhadra 2052 BS). On the farewell programme organized for George John, the Tribhuvan University Teacher’s Association (TUTA) PN Campus Unit announced to set up a foundation in the name of George John. With the chairmanship of the then President of the association Prakash Man Guvaju, an ad hoc committee to establish the foundation was formed on 18 May 1996 and the committee drafted a constitution to apply for the registration of the organization to the Kaski District Administration Office. On 5 August 1996, under the leadership of Mr. Guvaju, a group of academicians went to the Kaski District Administration Office and the foundation was registered with its registration number 316.

Since then, the foundation has been working towards the promotion of education by organizing various promotional programmes regularly. On 11 October 2004, the foundation organized a programme to launch a book entitled “Asal Guru” (A Good Teacher) written in Nepali language by a journalist Amrit Bhadgaunle. The book was dedicated to George John whose contribution to the people of the western region should be praised and followed. On 8 July 2005, the foundation conducted a national level seminar/workshop on the issues of education in Pokhara, which was a great success and the participants were benefitted by the seminar/workshop. Apart from these, the foundation also organized other programmes such as exhibiting pictures that portrayed the history of PN Campus, felicitating the personalities who contributed to the society and students who worked hard, but who came from the poor backgrounds.

At present, the executive committee of the George John Education Foundation comprises the following personalities who come from different strata of life:

  1. President - Gehendreshwor Koirala
  2. Vice-President - Ram Gopal Dhewazoo
  3. Secretary - Rajib Pahari
  4. Treasurer - Binod Kayastha
  5. Joint Secretary - Dev Narayan Sutihar
  6. Member - Dr. Aliyama John
  7. Member - Dr. Radheshyam Kayastha
  8. Member - Baburam Poudel
  9. Member - Khadka Bahadur Ranabhat
  10. Member - Chakrapani Subedi
  11. Member - Anjali Joshi

The executive committee is advised by the individuals who have also the great impression of George John upon them. Here are the advisors who give critiques and advices to the current committee to move ahead in the promotion of the foundation:

  1. Indra Mohan Poudel
  2. Radheshyam Kamaro
  3. Bishwo Mohan Gauchan
  4. Ratna Man Gurung

Gehendreshwor Koirala
George John Education Foundation
Prithvi Narayan Campus (Tribhuvan University)
Bhimkali Patan, Bagar
Pokhara, Nepal
Phone: +977-98560-20297