Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Department of Science & Environmental Education

The Department of Science & Environmental Education, since its establishment in 2000, has attracted the faculty members and students for its research and training. The department has collaboration with other research groups within the country and abroad. The programme offered here aims to facilitate and promote the professional and personal development of faculty members, students and others in science education and other related services.

The science education is now increasingly being considered as an integral part of the basic education. There are always changes in the ways and the means of delivering scientific knowledge, skills and attitudes to different groups of population and make it more relevant to the need of a larger section of the school population. Following this goal for national development, the department has a tradition of teaching science over a period up to the present day, has established as a significant height in the teaching and learning in the campus.

Those students who are willing to be a professional science teacher or trainer or curriculum expert or interested in science education should join the B.Ed programme and opt for a course in Science and Environmental Education. The B.Ed programme is a three years full-time course that consists of several optional subjects on offer. The first two years of their study, the students have to go through the content-based, pedagogy-based, field-based and some sort of lab-based experiments useful for secondary level curriculum. The third and final year courses are oriented towards the specialization, namely, physics education or chemistry education or biology education. At the end of the third year, students have to prepare a project report on their allotted research topics under the supervision or a faculty member of the department and have to give a presentation with the department.

At present, the department has a physics lab, a chemistry lab, a biology lab and an environmental lab for the students. The department is planning to introduce the 1-Year B.Ed and M.Ed programmes in Science in the near future.

Prof. Dr. Shovakanta Lamichhane
Department of Science & Environmental Education
Faculty of Education
Prithvi Narayan Campus (Tribhuvan University)
Bhimkali Patan, Bagar
Pokhara, Nepal
Phone: +977-9846048418

The Faculty Members Directory

S.No.NameTitleAdmin TitleCV
1. Dr. Shova Kanta Lamichhane Professor Dept. Head
2. Durga Sharma Lecturer
3. Tika Ram Aryal Lecturer
4. Sanjay Baral Adjunct Faculty
5. Diwakar Poudel Adjunct Faculty
6. Bhumi Raj Sharma Adjunct Faculty
7. Toran Bahadur Malla Adjunct Faculty
8. Nita Acharya Adjunct Faculty
9. Ashok Ojha Adjunct Faculty