Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Department of English Education

The Department of English Education has undergone a number of changes right from its inception. In the beginning, Ram Ashish Giri was the Head at the Department of Language Teaching under the Faculty of Education. He along with a Peace Corps Volunteer Mark Keller contributed a lot to boosting up the image of the department by running the English Resource Centre and collecting the photocopied materials on the English language including some cassettes and video tapes on oral English. But after its operation for a couple of years, the centre was merged with the Department of English.

With an active initiation of the then Assistant Campus Chief Tara Datta Bhatta, on 24 Shrawan 2054, the campus administration decided to form the Department of Language Teaching with Nepali and English Education. Jyoti Krishna Shrestha, a faculty member, was appointed as the Head of the department. The first meeting of the department was held on 11 Bhadra 2054 BS. The department consisted of faculty members from the Nepali section and the English section under the Department of Education. Upon the transfer of Jyoti Krishna Shrestha to Mahendra Ratna Campus, Kathmandu, Sarbaraj Acharya was appointed as the Head of the department on 2 Chaitra 2058 BS.

On 30 Shrawan 2060 BS, the department was again split into two departments: Department of English Education and Department of Nepali Education. With this split, Amir Man Shrestha was appointed as the Head for the Department of English Education on 1 Bhadra 2063 BS and renewed his Chairmanship on 1 Bhadra 2066 BS, which ended in 2069. After that, Lecturer Bishnu Hari Timilsina was the Head for about a year.

Currently, Associate Professor Amir Man Shrestha is serving as the Head again. The department, under Mr. Shrestha’s chairmanship, conducts English classes for the M.Ed. and B.Ed. levels. There are about one thousand students opting for the English language teaching at different levels. The department has a small reference section with gifted books from American Embassy and an American Educator, Andy Swartzman who is a resident of Lakeside in Pokhara. Mr. Swartzman has helped run the TOFEL classes at the department.

The department has a T.V. set with two cassette players: one is presented by the Primary Education Project. In addition, the department in support of the Netherlands government provides the Care for All Nepal-The Netherlands Scholarship to the deserving students of English Education. The department is committed to promoting and creating an environment for English language teaching.

Departmental Activities

  1. The department conducts English classes from the Bachelor’s Level to the Master’s Level at the Faculty of Education.
  2. The department also conducts micro-teaching classes for M.Ed & B.Ed programmes in conjunction with the Department of Teaching Practice.
  3. The department provides guidance and counseling to the thesis writing researchers and finally fixes viva voce.
  4. The department frequently conducts extra-curricular activities like essay writing contests, debate contests and quiz contests.
  5. The department frequently organizes seminar/workshops on research methodology and other course related areas.

Dr. Nabaraj Neupane
Department of English Education
Faculty of Education
Prithvi Narayan Campus (Tribhuvan University)
Bhimkali Patan, Bagar
Pokhara, Nepal
Phone: +977-98560-65290

The Faculty Members Directory

S.No.NameTitleAdmin TitleCV
1. Tirtha Raj Aryal Professor Dept. Head
2. Dr. Nabaraj Neupane Associate Professor
3. Pitambar Gautam Lecturer
4. Pitri Raj Banstola Lecturer
5. Hima Lal Acharya Lecturer Evening Program Coordinator
6. Parmeshwor Baral Lecturer
7. Harish Chandra Bhandari Lecturer
8. Yuba Raj Dawadi Lecturer
9. Pitambar Paudel Lecturer
10. Duk Prasad Poudel Teaching Assistant
11. Bodh Raj Gautam Adjunct Faculty
12. Madan Prasad Baral Adjunct Faculty
13. Bhumi Raj Pandit Adjunct Faculty
14. Maheshwor Pandit Adjunct Faculty
15. Khima Nanda Paudel Adjunct Faculty