Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Department of Physics

The science teaching was started at PN Campus in 2019 BS for the Intermediate of Science (I.Sc), which was started with 5 students, but that was started in Bhadra and terminated in Paush in the same year. The programme was restarted in Bhadra 2024 BS with 10 students in the Science Building which was newly built with financial support of the Nepal government in 2022 BS. In the beginning, Dr. Aleyamma John was given the responsibility to handle the course in Science though she had the degree in Zoology. After some time, Collin Smith (Putali Baje) taught Science for a few months and then Krishna Kant Benarji was hired for the post who frequently headed the Department of Physics for more than 4 decades.

The Science Laboratory was established with financial support of UNESCO in 2024 BS. The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) programme was began in 2044 BS. Now, the department has more than 35 faculty members and 7 administrative staff. Recently, Kul Prasad Dahal heads the department.

The department in collaboration with Nepal Physical Society – Western Regional Chapter, it has started publishing a Physics journal named “The Himalayan Physics”, which is regularly published on the annual basis since 2009. The journal includes research articles produced by the faculty members of the department. The department also conducts seminar/workshops, talk programmes, and conferences occasionally.

The following are the former faculty members of the department who were the Head in the department:

  1. Krishna Kant Benarji
  2. Pabitra Mani Paudyal
  3. Namo Narayan Yadav
  4. Kul Prasad Dahal
  5. Surya Bahadur G.C.
  6. Kul Prasad Dahal (recently)

Kul Prasad Dahal
Department of Physics
Institute of Science & Technology
Prithvi Narayan Campus (Tribhuvan University)
Bhimkali Patan, Bagar
Pokhara, Nepal
Email: [email protected]

The Faculty Members Directory

S.No.NameTitleAdmin TitleCV
1. Kul Prasad Dahal Associate Professor Dept. Head
2. Surya Bahadur GC Associate Professor
3. Ramsajila Verma Associate Professor
4. Parsuram Poudel Associate Professor
5. Beni Madhav Dhungana Associate Professor
6. Dorik Narayan Yadav Lecturer
7. Min Raj Lamsal Lecturer
8. Mitra Mani Subedi Lecturer
9. Khadka Bahadur Chhetri Lecturer
10. Jivan Regmi Lecturer
11. Lakpa Ksering Gurung Lecturer
12. Baburam Sharma Lecturer
13. Thakur Prasad Acharya Lecturer
14. Ujir Gurung Teaching Assistant
15. Rabi Karki Lecturer
16. Dipak Adhikari Lecturer
17. Prem Raj Poudel Lecturer
18. Surya Mohan Tiwari Adjunct Faculty
19. Ram Prasad Subedi Adjunct Faculty
20. Rajan Poudel Chhetri Adjunct Faculty
21. Arjun Poudel Adjunct Faculty
22. Ek Narayan Bhandari Adjunct Faculty
23. Santosh Karki Adjunct Faculty
24. Prakash Chandra Regmi Adjunct Faculty
25. Chhabi Kumar Shrestha Lecturer
26. Shree Kanta Subedi Lecturer
27. Resham Poudel Lecturer
28. Surendra Adhikari Adjunct Faculty
29. Dhakaram Poudel Adjunct Faculty
30. Hari KC Adjunct Faculty
31. Santosh Thapa Adjunct Faculty
32. Arjun Banstola Adjunct Faculty
33. Suman Gautam Adjunct Faculty
34. Arjun Prasad Chapai Adjunct Faculty
35. Indra Raj Shakya Adjunct Faculty
36. Sushil Adhikari Adjunct Faculty
37. Kamal Raj Poudel Adjunct Faculty