Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Department of Nepali

The Nepali teaching begins with the establishment of Prithvi Narayan Inter College in 2017 BS. With the introduction of the New Education System Plan (NESP) in 2030 BS, the class for Nepali was formally conducted through the Nepali Instruction Committee (now it is the Department of Nepali).

The Master of Arts (MA) in Nepali was introduced for the first time in the campus in 2048 BS. The courses in Nepali are taught in various programmes in different faculties such as Humanities, Management, Science and Law.

The department periodically publishes a research journal called Prithvi Banmay and frequently conducts seminar/ workshops and conferences. Till date, the following faculty members have served as the Head of the department:

  1. Bhola Nath Parajuli (2030 BS – 2042 BS)
  2. Kul Prasad Khanal (2043 BS – 2048 BS)
  3. Tika Ram Banstola (2049 BS – 2054 BS)
  4. Dr. Bhawani Prasad Pandey (2054 BS – 2057 BS)
  5. Dr. Bhupati Dhakal ‘Kamal’ (2057 BS – 2060 BS)
  6. Kul Prasad Khanal (2060 BS – 2067 BS)
  7. Rabi Lal Adhikari (2067 BS – 2070 BS)
  8. Dr. Vishnu Prasad Poudel (2070 BS – 2073 BS)
  9. Krishna Prasad Poudel (2073 BS – the present)


Krishna Prasad Poudel
Department of Nepali
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Prithvi Narayan Campus (Tribhuvan University)
Bhimkali Patan, Bagar
Pokhara, Nepal
Phone: +977-98560-25307
Email: [email protected]

The Faculty Members Directory

S.No.NameTitleAdmin TitleCV
1. Dr. Pashupati Nath Timalsena Professor
2. Dr. Vishnu Prasad Poudel Professor
3. Dr. Kusumaker Neupane Professor
4. Dr. Yama Nath Timilsina Associate Professor
5. Krishna Prasad Poudel Associate Professor Dept. Head
6. Khum Lal Poudel Associate Professor
7. Dr. Laxmi Sharan Adhikari Associate Professor
8. Narayan Prasad Adhikari Lecturer
9. Dr. Basu Dev Bhandari Lecturer
10. Uday Prasad Ghimire Lecturer
11. Narayan Prasad Neupane Lecturer
12. Chola Kanta Ojha Lecturer
13. Dhanapati Subedi Lecturer
14. Arjun Prasad Subedi Lecturer
15. Bindu Poudyal Lecturer
16. Shova Kanta Gautam Teaching Assistant
17. Yam Bahadur Rana Teaching Assistant
18. Gir Bahadur Khadka Teaching Assistant
19. Sajana Dhungana Acharya Teaching Assistant
20. Shreedhar Neupane Teaching Assistant
21. Bidhyabati Sharma Teaching Assistant
22. Geeta Kumari Poudel Teaching Assistant
23. Yadav Raj Upadhyay Teaching Assistant
24. Bodha Raj Dhakal Teaching Assistant
25. Shiva Kumari Adhikari Teaching Assistant
26. Ganesh Prasad Neupane Teaching Assistant
27. Sulochana Khanal Teaching Assistant
28. Parashu Ram Koirala Teaching Assistant
29. Nirmal Sapkota Teaching Assistant
30. Surya Bahadur Khadka Teaching Assistant
31. Dipak Kumar Shrestha Adjunct Faculty
32. Bishnu Prasad Gautam Adjunct Faculty